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Are low cut black sport socks with shorts and black shoes fashionably acceptable for kids?

If they are wearing a dark color shirt. My son is 7.

Are low cut black sport socks with shorts and black shoes fashionably acceptable for kids?
Yes my kids do all the time. We try to match socks when ever possible. I think white socks are OK too. Some people do not like black socks with shorts, but as long as they are not dress socks and they match it looks good.
Reply:Oh, c'mon now. Kids don't have fashion - they wear clothes and get dirty. That's their job. What kind of esthete are you trying to turn him/her into? Put 'em in shorts, a tee shirt, and a grubby old pair of sneaks and send 'em outside, for God's sake.


How do you allow the visiting team's shoes changes take effect on nba live 07 PC?

After several editing on the shoes of the players on the AWAY team, once played, all the visiting team shoes changes don't take effect, instead, the default EA Sports provided is used no matter how many times I edit it.

How do you allow the visiting team's shoes changes take effect on nba live 07 PC?
You just have to press OK when the changes are made. Then UR game is defected
Reply:I couldn't change away shoes and I downloaded patch form net

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Women who love shoes: similar to hobby/memorabilia collectors?

Some men often wonder why women are so into shoes.

However, when I hear how some women like to buy vintage shoes, or keep the original boxes, or even organize their shoes by color, style, etc., it really reminds me of devoted collectors of sports memorabilia, comic books, DVDs, music CDs, etc. because they often behave in a similar way too.

As a "geek" collector myself, I like to organize and hunt for stuff too. I can understand how some women can spend hours shopping for shoes, as I can do the same in a DVD or collectible store.

Yes, maybe shoes are different because they have a functional value as clothing...but personally, I've never looked down on women (or even men) who love shoes. If anything I see it as a hobby from which they get a lot of enjoyment, and there's nothing wrong with that. For some people, fashion is a hobby in itself. I'd only be concerned if someone were in debt or spending beyond their budget.

Anyone agree/disagree?

Women who love shoes: similar to hobby/memorabilia collectors?
As a shoe lover, I agree, but hadn't ever stopped to think about it in the way you presented. Well done!


Best shoes for a 10th grade boy?

I think most shoes are ugly...I currently have skateboard shoes because i think they are comfortable. I do not play any sports and would like a second opinion. I also would like to be able to buy them on

Thanks, any suggestions welcome...PS NOT SLIP-ON SHOES!

Best shoes for a 10th grade boy?
check it out:

im pretty sure these shoes are hott and will get you alot of attention, especially in high school
Reply:vans and etnies...definently
Reply:Vans or Dcs
Reply:VANS ARE SWEET!!!! go for the skater shoes all the way, but not the ones that look like boats. they are a little too much for my taste.
Reply:I would suggest Vans or Converse, I sk8 nd i wear converse but my m8 wears Vans nd says theyre comfortable.
Reply:most guys i know wear nikes
Reply:I'm a female, and I LOVE skate shoes.

I think skate shoes are the ONLY shoes I've ever liked on a guy, but that's just my opinion.

Vans have been around a long time, and they last FOREVER!

And plus, these days you can buy Vans almost anywhere- either the true skate shoes or just the classic ones that look like skate shoes.

Zappos has lots, I checked for you =] just type in Vans into the seach and look around.

DCs are also good skate shoes, as well as Etnies, Globe, and Hurley although they don't have much selection there (just naming off some of the good brands at zappos)
Reply:Filas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wear those there are soooo many colors and they are sooooooooo comfortable
Reply:Jordans and stuff like that look good

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Which shoes can i use for everything... literally...?

ok i play a lotta different sports depending on my mood... and i'll be wearing the shoes everyday for everything i do... which pair do you recomend??? running, bball, tennis or any other... the name of the model will be helpful... thanks

Which shoes can i use for everything... literally...?
I have Nike shox, they are really comfy and mine look nice as well =D
Reply:id say nike anyday

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I want to exercise more, but my tennis shoes hurt my feet. What are the best tennis shoes for high arches?

When walking I have pain on the outside of my feet. Not on the inside where my arches are. The pain is so strong on the outside of my feet that I can't enjoy walking. I don't know what brand tennis shoe is the best for women who have high arches. I have three pair of Adidas tennis shoes, all different styles and they all make my feet hurt. I have also worn Nike in the past and they also make my feet hurt. I don't want to spend more money on shoes that hurt my feet when walking or even playing sports. I would love to here any recomendations on other tennis shoes for women with high arches.

I want to exercise more, but my tennis shoes hurt my feet. What are the best tennis shoes for high arches?
You want to find a shoe that has maximum support and motion control. Your problem is that your over pronating. Which means that when you take a step you tend to step with the ouside of your foot. The shoes you have are not offering enough suport for your foot.

When your shoe shopping you want to look at the inside sole of the shoe. There needs to be a lot of grey material on the sole. This grey material is a very hard rubber that helps control the foot as you take a stride and supports it to help remove pain. Asics, Nike and New Balance make a lot. I just recentally bought the Nike Tri-D. I have the same problem as well as a lot of people. Its a common thing.

You can go onto any of the shoes websites and most catrgorize the shoes. You will want to look for "motion control" or over pronation. Heres a list of some of the best:
Reply:When I play tennis, I just wear running shoes. I have Avivas.

Sorry I didn't elaborate more. Hope you find shoes that don't hurt your feet!

Suggestion-would Dr. Scholl's gel pads work, or whatever they are?
Reply:My suggestion would be to see if where you live has a store called "Fleet Feet." They are primarily a store for running shoes, but they are also good for other exercise. They carry the same brands as other stores, but the models of the shoes they carry are better, plus they are real experts in what shoes are best and fit best for your activities. And, the prices are pretty much the same as other stores. The staff are all runners -- not shoe salesmen.
Reply:you need better shoes. like walking or cross trainning. new balance has always been good for me, i have high arches. i would say stay away from rebox (sp?) they always caused me to get shin splints. nikes never fit my arch either.
Reply:I have high arches, tend to roll my foot over to the outside, and found that Nikes were great. You may want to see a podiatrist about getting an orthotic. I have one because I walk on the outside of my feet, and it has made all the difference in the world.
Reply:I like New Balance, also. You may need to get additional arch supports. You can get moldable ones that you warm up, then you know they'll fit your feet. My husband uses them--he actually fractured his foot running on an uneven surface w/o proper support. Now he has no problems.
Reply:Look at Asics. They make the best running shoes that will give you great support.

Also, you should NOT be using your walking/running shoes for anything else than just that, running/jogging/walking. They are not day-to-day shoes for everyday use. By using them as everyday shoes, you will ruin the support.

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First time running a 10k: tips, info on shoes, recommendations??

I'm 18 and I'm going to run a 10k with my dad in the end of April/begining of May. Any tips or recommendations would be helpful, I'm a first time runner (I ran track for a couple years, but have since gotten busy and out of shape) I've started training and eating stricter, and I have no doubts that I'll be ready for it, but any advice would be great. The biggest thing is I would like to know like what kinds/brands of shoes would be good, I have a pair of Adidas now, but I don't remember what kind they are I think they're just cross-trainers. Reviews? Shoes to buy/stay away from? And what about sports bras? I'm well endowed and need some good ones...Thanks!

First time running a 10k: tips, info on shoes, recommendations??
You should get running shoes that feel comfortable. When you try them on at the store, run in the them there. Doesn't matter what they look like, feeling good running is better. No cross- trainers, they are not real running shoes.

Sports bras, just go to the store and try them on, again run around adn see how they fit and feel.

As for running the race, hopefully you are training with dad. Just keep pace with him. If not, then you should do a few runs together so you are familiar each others running style and pace.
Reply:I have been running for 8 years now. So, generally speaking, this is how I would do it:

I would strengthen the core: calves, quads, hams, back and abdominal (the "six pack" muscles along with th obleks), chest and arms. But when strengthening these muscles, I would focus more on the muscle endurance not the muscle bulk. For more advice for this, I would consult with a personal trainer. For the running part, I would stay flexible as it helps/contributes to your balance (so do the muscles in your core) but also helps prevent some injuries lik pulled muscles and shin splints. Also, I would try to make up a schedule where you can run for X amount of days and try to have a long run. I would start off slowly, running about 2-3 miles per run for the first week and increase my mileage per week. Make sure you have the following: a good diet, hydration, sleep, a good sense on how to take care of your body, and sleep.

Though I am biased towards Nike as a brand, I would recommend you to go to a running-specific store, like Fleet Feet in Carrboro, NC. They can help you find the right shoe because people buy shoes that aren't necssarily right for their feet, but more comfortable or fashionable. But after you get the correct shoes or even if you haven't, I would go to any major athletics store and ask the sales associates. Clothing is all about the comfort meaning that whatever fits well, feels good as it naturally falls on you, and how it feels and fits while running. Good luck!!! If you have any more questions, email me (just add to my user name).
Reply:well im only 17 but ive been running cross country for a few years and come from a long line of top performence breeded runners. so first of all, theres nothing wrong with a six pack however as a distance runner it restrics ur brething making ur heart over work it self so i wouldnt recomend having to much mucial in that area. its good to be sleeping and eating right but make sure to take a recovery day so ur mucial has time to rebuild and catch up with the traning. Adiddas suck no affence to my fellow runners but they are better at sprinter shoe's and they need to stay there the top of the line afortable shoes are asic's. the shoes are ment for the best of runner and serious runner. what you want to do is find a nice running store my store is called road runner they have a machine you walk on that tells ware and how much presure is being added when you take a step,(all these services should be provided free from the store) they will find you shoes and from their you pic out the one that fits best trainers are not ment for distance but if you want speed u need to find a light pair of flats however you want to find a pair with plenty of suport or youll be sorry after the race. the only shoe id tell you to stay away from is cheap shoes ant thing under 50 that is regular price STAY CLEAR OF.... (hence you might find last years models clearenced so you could possibly get a good dill) well im a guy so i cant help you in the bra section but im sure youll find one in a running store tha fills fine good luck with ur race

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